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This Week in GIF’s: Oklahoma

The Cyclones stunned the Sooners in Norman, and oh my gosh was it ever glorious.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After the debacle that was the Texas game, Iowa State fans really weren’t looking forward to playing Oklahoma in Norman...

... Especially after finding out that the ‘Clones would be without both Jacob Park and Willie Harvey.

Oklahoma received, and scored easily on their first drive.

After an Iowa State 3-and-out, the Sooners would convert multiple 3rd and long’s en route to another touchdown.

After trading both field goals and touchdowns, Kyle Kempt heaved up a prayer to Hakeem Butler to set up a late field goal.

The Cyclones would open the 2nd half with a long drive resulting in a field goal, and on the ensuing OU drive, Baker Mayfield fumbled deep in Iowa State territory and Joel Lanning recovered it!

A huge Kempt to Lazard connection sparked a 94 yard drive capped off by a Marchie Murdoch touchdown catch and run.

Everyone when the Cyclones went for the 2 point conversion and actually got it:

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, Oklahoma missed a field goal...wide right.

Three plays later, Trever Ryen would streak to the end-zone for the go-ahead touchdown.

The Sooner’s would march down the field, and immediately tie the game despite a huge sack from Joel “Ironman” Lanning. Lets take a look at Mayfield trying to avoid the sack before being brought down..

After getting the ball back, a timely penalty, nice running by David Montgomery and Joel Lanning, and a completion to Murdoch got Iowa State to the OU 25.

On 3rd down, Kyle Kempt tossed a perfect ball to Allen Lazard in the end zone for a touchdown.

Iowa State would get the stop they historically have never gotten before, forcing an Oklahoma turnover on downs.

And that did it. The game was over. The Cyclones knocked off #3 Oklahoma. In Norman.

And then they planted an Iowa flag at midfield.

After the game, Iowa State fans were dropping into Oklahoma forums to see how things were going like...