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The Mid-Morning Dump: STAR WARS TRAILER!

We finally have ourselves another Star Wars trailer.

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MEDIA TAKEAWAYS. Park is still inactive and continues to be day by day.

SO PROUD! Paul Rhoads was happy for Iowa State and their win over Oklahoma.

3 REASONS WHY. Here are three reasons why Iowa State won in Norman.

THE STORY OF THE YEAR. How Joel Lanning has become the story of the year.

JOEL LANNING FOR HEISMAN! I think this could turn out nicely.

ASTROS MOVE ON! Houston knocked out Boston last night to move on to the ALCS. So they partied.

NO PARTY HERE! The Dodgers swept Arizona and the Dbacks made sure they couldn’t have some fun.

CUBS ONE AWAY! The Cubs are one game away from their third straight NLCS.

YANKEES ALIVE! The Yankees have fought off elimination two nights in a row and can move on with one win.

VIKINGS SPOIL TRUBISKY DEBUT. The Vikings won on a late field goal to spoil Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky’s NFL debut.