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Tailgate Preview: Kansas

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Time to party like we beat Oklahoma. Oh wait, we did.

Well Iowa State football is finally home again. This time for another lovely morning game. With the threat of rain looming, things certainly are going to be a treat out there in the tailgating lots.

Let’s go out there and have some fun!

Weather: Rain, rain go away!

Break out the ponchos!

All good things are supposed to come to an end. Much like streaking for Oklahoma, our great tailgating weather streak has been upset. It looks like Saturday is going to be a soggy one for tailgating. Rain chances are well over 80% and temperatures will be in the the upper 60’s. Those in the grass lots (stupid me) are going to have to deal with some mud!

The amount of rain is unknown at this time but it could be anywhere from a half inch to an inch. Which is going to make things less than ideal but who cares. Tailgating is supposed to be fun and we shouldn’t let some stupid rain get in the way of that!

Drink: Screwdriver

We’re going to need something to get out of the bad weather funk, so why not a good ol’ screwdriver! Nothing some orange juice and vodka can’t fix! Back in the old college days, these made an appearance at a lot of morning tailgates! So refreshing and certainly can turn your tailgating experience into a fun one if you like them strong.

Food: Grill it all!

Honestly with the rain, things are going to have to be easy. Really can’t let anything sit out and can’t go too fancy. This is where your grill comes into play. You can toss anything breakfast on there. I’d go with the bacon or sausage personally but I am not here to police you guys. Besides, if you toss out some quick breakfast food it will all go with your screwdriver.

Moral of the story, this rain is going to suck and limit anything you can do, which sucks.

Game: Slip N’ Slide

Why not? It’ll be wet out and you’ll have a fair amount of booze in you. I don’t think there is any better time to bring out the ol’ slip n’ slide. Obviously if you plan on going into the game maybe you should bring some extra clothes to slap on right before game time. Unless you don’t plan on wearing a poncho, screw it.

Now, you can turn this into a drinking game. How you ask? well set up a table at the end of the slide and play flippy cup. First two slide and flip their cups. Once your team member flips their cup, the next in line can slide down and get to their cup. The team who loses has to shotgun a beer.

Song: Umbrella - Rhianna

Seemed like it fits the day.