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The Mid-Morning Dump: Aaron Rodgers is Broken

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Aaron Rodgers may be out for the season.

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NEW ERA. Welcome to a new era of Cyclone football!

TAKEAWAYS. There is plenty to take away from the win over Kansas on Saturday.

DOING THE RIGHT THINGS. Matt Campbell appears to be pushing all the right buttons.

GOT THEM VOTES! Iowa State continues to receive votes in the AP poll.

RODGERS OUT. Aaron Rodgers may be out for the season after breaking his collarbone on this hit.

UNDEFEATED NO MORE. Chiefs fall from the undefeated ranks after loss to the Steelers.

KAEPERNICK FILING GRIEVANCE. Colin Kaepernick is filing a lawsuit against NFL owners.

THRUSTING. A defensive back has thrust himself into Heisman contention.