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The Mid-Morning Dump: Lanning to kick PATs?

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Well, will he?

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ON THIS DATE... In 1981, Iowa State beat #8 Missouri 34-13 on the road. All time, the Cyclones are 7-5 playing on October 17th, and most recently they lost against #3 TCU 21-45 in 2015.

63 YEARS + 1 DAY. Cy turned 63 years old on Monday.

SWISS ARMY RYEN. The Ida Grove native is this week’s “unsung hero”.

CYCLONE SPLIT. D1 Cyclone Hockey split the weekend series at Lindenwood (MO).


NO WAY JOSÉ. Two SJSU football players high-five on the twenty yard line before completing the kickoff return for a touchdown.

OFFICIALLY FIRED. Louisville has officially fired Rick Pitino on Monday, something I thought already happened.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. Ryan Succop set an NFL record with 51 consecutive field goals made that are 50 yards or less in distance. The Titans won 36 to 22, a score that has happened seven times in NFL history, most recently on October 27, 2016.

TACO TUESDAY. Something new to Tuesday Mid-Morning Dumps, a taco recipe. I haven’t tried it, but carnitas and corn tortillas are the way to go.