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Press Conference Highlights: October 16

Kansas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Tech will be a great challenge, a great test for us.

Do you have rules for punt returns? (When to call a fair catch, when not to)

Trever is one of those guys who has done it for so long you let him make those decisions.

Tech improved team, just like our defense how do they impress you?

Personnel on the defensive side of the ball, as well as those on defense that have stayed. Kingsbury retaining his DC is important. They are very impressive, they play with a lot of detail and effort. Last week against WV they were outstanding in the first three quarters. Really impressed with what we’ve seen.

12 new players from JuCos/transfers on Tech’s roster, do you focus on this year’s film or last year’s

You don’t put much stock in what happened last year. All our time will be what’s been done this year.

Kempt improvements?

Kyle’s poise and consistency have been outstanding. You hope to continue to see his growth in the system. The biggest thing is continuing to grow. He’ll continue to stay within himself. He’ll play at a really high rate.

Tech has been averaging 50 a game, how do you minimize?

Kingsbury has a senior quarterback which has him in a really good situation. They have playmakers on the outside and also good runners. We’re going to have to deliver some different looks.

Do you feel you’re tackling better? How is 3 man front?

We are tackling better, what that’s attributed to is confidence in the system (i.e. where to align). Now you can actually react (2 years into the system), defensive football is so much about reaction. A 3 man front is very important when you can play a 4 man front. Our ability to do both, and our ability to be exotic is important. You have to be multiple if you want success.

Satisfaction on the rush game?

We’re improving, some really good moments, and it’s constantly improving and it has to be. The O-Line has to get better, and last week wasn’t their best game. Having multiple ways to attack you with rushes is fun.

Kansas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Trever’s progress on making big time plays?

Just one of those guys who is who he is. He’s one of those guys that is the same guy that strains to get better. Ryen had the most explosive plays last year, in fall camp, and he’s also the “unsung hero”. He catches the over-cross 2nd & 13 at Oklahoma, really big play. We’ll continue to use him in ways to help us.

Steve Wirtel might be the best long-snapper in the country.

Kansas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

On Murdoch making big catches?

Great success stories, I know I was the one that raved about him. Marchie was one of the guys on a mission from last season. They (He and Trever) have made a huge impact. The success he’s had in terms of leadership in the WR room is very powerful. Hakeem would say Murdoch has had a big impact on him.