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WRNL Podcast: Interview with Former Cyclone Paul Shirley

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The former Cyclone has a new book releasing this week

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We all have stories to tell. We hear some of the best ones around a campfire, during a night out on the town or while we are catching up with old friends at a wedding. Everyone lives an interesting life and has stories they can tell, but sometimes keep close to their vest. Paul Shirley has some incredible stories to tell and he holds back no details during his latest book Stories I Tell On Dates.


Most Iowa State fans will remember Paul Shirley for his time on the basketball court inside Hilton Coliseum. They may remember the tears rolling down his face after two brutal exits from the NCAA tournament to Michigan State and Hampton. Many, though, may not understand Paul’s background. Why is playing big-time college basketball not as glamorous as it seems? What is it like to have your mother teach you and the rest of your middle school class sex education?

I found myself overcome with nostalgia as I was perusing through an advanced copy Paul sent me this summer. You may recall the Umbro shorts fad, the trapper keepers and sitting in Music 102 like I did. What we often fail to do though is connect how those experiences shaped the rest of our life and who we are as individuals today.

Former professional basketball player and national merit scholar, turned author Paul Shirley does an excellent job penning his stories and connecting them to the relationships he formed with girls over the years. Yes, many of his stories you can relate to as Iowa State fans. Some of them bring back good memories, some of them not so much.

Paul shares some more details on a couple of the stories from the book during the podcast before talking about catching up with former teammates at the Iowa State Basketball Alumni weekend and how he got his start as an author.

You can order a copy of his latest book online or pick up a copy during one his upcoming visits to Iowa. You can find more information on the book’s Facebook page.

We also started a new segment called “Listener of the Week”. This week’s winner is Shane from Council Bluffs. If you think you have what it takes to be next week’s “Listener of the Week” send me an e-mail at

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