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The Mid-Morning Dump: New Basketball Uniform Edition

We got to see the Cyclones’ new road unis.


MID-TERMS. Here’s Kirk Haaland’s report now that Cyclone football is halfway through the season.

THREE-MAN FRONT. The limited-rush defensive strategy has proven useful for ISU.

GET OUT THE POCKETBOOK. Is ISU prepared to pay Matt Campbell?

TIMES... THEY ARE A CHANGIN’. Iowa State basketball will look quite a bit different this year.

MEDIA DAY NOTES. Here are Ben Visser’s biggest takeaways from Cyclone basketball media day.

LONG, WINDING ROAD. The story of Zoran Talley’s journey to Ames.

NEW UNIFORMS. We got our first look at the Cyclones’ new road uniforms at media day.

LOOK AWAY, CHILDREN EVERYONE. Gordon Hayward’s opening-night injury was horrific and terrible for about everyone except the Cleveland Cavaliers.

CAVS, ROCKETS WIN. Seven things to take away from NBA opening day.

ON THE BRINK. Down 3-0 to the Dodgers, the Cubs could get eliminated from the NLCS in Chicago.

TIED UP. Meanwhile, the ALCS was tied up last night after the Yankees came back to beat the Astros.

CALLING BS. LeBron thinks he’s out of shape. LOL.

KLAY LOOKALIKE. Klay Thompson” was behind the Warriors’ bench last night.

“F***ING BULLS***.” That’s how the legendary Joel Embiid reacted to the news of having his minutes restricted.

RED SOX ROASTED. The Yankees left the Red Sox with third degree burns thanks to this Twitter retort from yesterday.

NEVER GO ALL-IN. You can win Jeopardy with just $1. Here’s proof.

BLACK PANTHER. I don’t know about you, but this movie looks pretty badass.