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The Mid-Morning Dump: #1 Recruit Edition

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Kevin Dresser reeled in the #1 wrestling recruit in his weight class

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#1 RECRUIT New Iowa State wrestling coach Kevin Dresser has gotten his tenure off to a hot start, reeling in the highest ranked recruit in the country.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME? Brent Blum says the Big 12 Championship game isn’t out of the question.

80 POINTS Where will the scoring come from on this year’s basketball team?

SHORT PASSING Iowa State has been using short passing and bubble screens to open up a developing run game.

NADER Abdel Nader scored 4 points in his NBA debut last night, including this dunk.

JOHN WALL Don’t get in his way.

NOT DEAD YET The Cubs won last night to keep their hopes alive in the NLCS.

NO LOVE IN ST. LOUIS The Chicago Blackhawks fell to the St. Louis Blues last night 5-2.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Chelsea and Roma played to a 3-3 draw in Champion’s League competition yesterday, the second draw between the two in group play.

MID-SEASON ALL BIG-12 The Athletic gave their mid-season State of the Big 12 analysis, including an all-conference team. Hint: They created a new “all-purpose” position for Joel Lanning.