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Three Things We Learned Against Texas

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The offense was practically non-existent

Texas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

The national spotlight was set and Iowa State was not ready for it. Things certainly could have gone better. Nonetheless it’s time to move on to Oklahoma but before we do, here are three things we learned against Texas.

The Offense Hates Pressure

Before the game against Texas, Jacob Park had been sacked only one time. Park was sacked four times and was hit another six. Texas dialed up pressure the offense hadn’t seen all season and it worked. Park threw for over 200 yards, but was pressured constantly and threw three interceptions in the process.

If Iowa State’s offense is going to carry this team, it will have to find a way to deal with immense pressure. Opposing teams will see what Texas’ pressure did and certainly try the same. This weeks game against a stout Oklahoma defense will certainly prove to be more of the same.

Iowa State Has To Use David Montgomery

Interesting play calling held David Montgomery back against Texas. Montgomery had a total of 12 touches the entire game and was a non factor against the Texas defense. The pass happy play calling did not allow the Iowa State rushing offense to get moving.

Before Thursday, Montgomery had been averaging over 107 yards rushing and 33 yards receiving. If Iowa State’s offense is going to be effective this season no matter what the ball has to be in Montgomery’s hands more than 12 times a game. It would be a safe bet on Saturday that same mistakes won’t be made.

Penalties Show Their Ugly Face Again

In year one of Matt Campbell’s tenure, penalties plagued them. The first half against texas they made their return. To begin the game Iowa State forced Texas into a three and out only to have their drive continued by a taunting penalty, and the game was never the same again.

Another penalty that stood out was the late hit by Brian Peavy on Texas quarterback Shane Buechele. Iowa State is a team that cannot afford to shoot themselves in the foot with penalties. There are eight games left in the season, and this certainly may be something to keep an eye on.