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The Mid-Morning Dump: THE JUICE IS LOOSE

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OJ Simpson is out of prison.

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SIX WINS? Can Iowa State get to six wins and a bowl game?

POSITIVES! There are some positives after the Texas game!

FAMILY REUNION. Georges Niang and Monte Morris matched up in the first NBA Preseason game.

GOOD LOOK ZEKE! Zeke was out sunday looking like the Longest Yard cheerleader.

VIKINGS FALL. The Vikings lost Dalvin Cook and fell to the Lions on Sunday.

AFC EAST IS DRUNK! The AFC East is going exactly how we all predicted.

AP POLL! Clemson is closing in on Bama for the top spot in the AP poll.

HEISMAN RACE. Can anyone chase down Saquon Barkley?

JUICE IS LOOSE! OJ Simpson was released from prison after nine years.