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Mid Morning Dump: New President Edition

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Wintersteen is coming.

ON THIS DATE. . . In 2009, Iowa State beat Nebraska on the road 9-7.

TURNING OVER A NEW LEATH? New Iowa State president Wendy Wintersteen was announced of her role Monday.

#25 IN THE COUNTRY? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Campbell isn’t that interested that Iowa State is ranked.

TALL TREES. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram talks about our receiving corps.

ROASTED HOG. Iowa State’s D1 Hockey team swept Arkansas over the weekend.

EAGLES WIN. The Eagles beat the Redskins 34-24 Monday night.

AUTUMN IS IN THE AIR. No really, she is. Air Autumns > Air Jordans.

BUCKING THE CRIMSON. Ohio State has a new look for their matchup against Penn State.

TRIPLE DOUBLE ALERT. Just four NBA games under Ben Simmons’ belt, and he gets a triple double.