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The Mid-Morning Dump: A New Hope

Also, the World Series is on.

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MEDICAL REDSHIRT? Matt Leo and Johnny Lang may both be eligible for medical redshirts after not having played since the Akron game.

TIME TO BELIEVE Kirk Haaland at Cyclone Fanatic thinks it’s finally time to start believing in Cyclone football.

CRYSTAL BALL Talen Horton Tucker is making his commitment decision tonight, and Iowa State doesn’t look great according to his Crystal Ball.

HERBSTREIT Kirk Herbstreit talked about this weekend’s matchup on his radio show.

UNSUNG HERO Ray Lima is Iowa State’s unsung hero at this point in the season.

ROUND 2 Game 2 of the World Series provided plenty of entertainment for baseball fans everywhere.

FINALLY Former Leicester City star Danny Drinkwater finally made his debut for Chelsea after being sidelined for the past month and a half with an injury.

BOWL PROJECTIONS Just in case you couldn’t get enough of Memphis the first time around, CBS has Iowa State in the Liberty Bowl....again.

SPOILERS Which 2 loss team is likely to play spoiler for a team’s CFP hopes?