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Tailgate Preview: TCU

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Dilly Dilly!

Boy, what a turn of events we have had in this football season thus far! This will be our first tailgate as a ranked fan base since 2005! If that isn’t enough to get your party pants on, I don’t know what is!

Let’s check out what we have in store for this weekends tailgate as TCU makes the trip to Ames for a top 25 showdown!

Weather: Cold and Partly Cloudy

Earlier in the week our tailgate looked like some snow would put a damper on the day, but that is no more as of now! Currently things look like things will be a bit chilly in the morning. Tailgate lots are going to be opening in the morning and temperatures will be hovering around 32 degrees. Game time temps look like they will be around 44 degrees. Party cloudy skies and wind out of the northwest will keep you avid tailgaters a little cold. Thankfully you will have plenty of booze to keep yourself warm!

Food: Grilled Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches

It’s very rare to see ourselves with a 2:30 kickoff. Let alone time to have breakfast and lunch all in one tailgate before a game! This is the case for Saturday. What my focus is on will be lunch. No Iowan can resist a delicious pork tenderloin. You simply can’t.

These simply-seasoned grilled pork tenderloin sandwiches are topped with a sweet onion barbecue sauce and served on whole wheat buns. Add some lettuce or other toppings and you got yourself one hell of a sandwich. If you need the recipe, check it out here.

Drink: Bud Light

It what may be the Cyclone football season’s motto currently, “Dilly Dilly” took over Cyclone Twitter recently, and even on WHO 13 Michael admire joined in on his Cyclone prediction.

It only seemed fitting to jump off our Natty Lite train just once. The fact that “Dilly Dilly” may be something we all jump on board with made it seem right to give Bud light a run on Saturday. Might as well make it the beer that leads us to a victory over TCU on Saturday.

Dilly Dilly!!!

Game: Shotgun Race

It’s just what it sounds like. There are very few tailgating traditions that I love quite like a good shotgun race. This weekend seems like a perfect opportunity to lay it all on the line and take down your fellow tailgaters.

If you’ve never done one, here’s what you do: grab a can of beer, turn it sideways, then puncture a hole in the side. Then, once everyone’s ready, open the top, and starting drinking as fast as you can! First one to finish, wins. Last one to finish is probably your wimpy brother, Allen, who should be forced to do another one anyways.

Song: I Won’t Back Down - Tom Petty