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Cyclone Fans Encouraged To Help Wave TCU’s #4 Ranking Goodbye Following Fourth Quarter

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Iowa State hopes to start a wave tradition of their own.

Des Moines Register

In an effort to join in on what has been called the best nine week old tradition in college sports, Iowa State University announced today they will also encourage fans to join the movement and do a wave of their own.

Following the fourth quarter, Cyclone fans are encouraged to wave at the college kids on the east sideline in an effort to say farewell to TCU’s lofty top five ranking. While the Horned Frogs will come to Ames undefeated, it is not expected that will last more than a couple hours.

When their undefeated run does come to an end, their days as the fourth best team in college football will certainly be numbered as well. Out of respect, Iowa State officials would like to help TCU with this sendoff.

“Even if just for one moment it takes their mind off living in Ft. Worth then we know we’ve done our job,” says fan Mike Stout, who helped bring the idea to university officials.

TCU players look forward to road trips away from Ft. Worth and Gary Patterson’s sweat shop
Daily Herald

The wave is also special to Matt Campbell, who is always going out of his way to help opposing teams shake their lofty rankings. His philanthropy goes back to his days as the head coach at Toledo when he helped Arkansas wave goodbye to their national ranking back in 2015.

While some schools have traditions of waving going all the way back to the first week of September 2017, Iowa State is just starting theirs. It is not like they have been procrastinating though.

“Look, this is a new issue for us at Jack Trice Stadium. It has been like 12 years since we have had a bunch of kids patrolling the east sideline with a ranking hanging above their head,” athletic’s director Jamie Pollard told WRNL.

Pollard is not wrong. While plenty of ranked teams have occupied the west sideline, Cyclone fans have never seen a team on that east sideline sporting such a high ranking.

The last time a team sported a ranking this high on the east didn’t last long

While some fans wanted rival fans in eastern Iowa to join in on the wave this week as well, it doesn’t appear they are going to participate.

“It’s not like we have a ranked team practicing all week next to the stadium. We rarely even play teams that are nationally ranked. This can be their deal,” offensive coordinator-in waiting John Ferentz told WRNL through a baby talk interpreter.

A new era of Cyclone football is certainly upon us, and should this tradition stick, College GameDay just might have to run a special on the wave during their trip to Ames on November 11th.

Dilly Dilly!