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The Mid-Morning Dump: TCU ON OUR MIND

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Iowa State and TCU will battle it out tomorrow.

SURPRISE! Iowa State and TCU will battle for first place in the Big 12 Tomorrow.

CULTURE CHANGE. The change of culture by Matt Campbell has led to success.

THT COMMITS! Talen Horton-Tucker committed to Iowa Sate last night!


RAVENS ROUT DOLPHINS. Baltimore beat up on the Dolphins 40-0 last night.

DRAMA BULLS. Hoiberg and the Bulls continue to have more drama.

KYRIE WUT? Kyrie Irving split a double team insanely.

WEEK 9 PICKS. Here are week 9 of college football picks, no love for Iowa State.

MORE ESPN LAYOFFS? Looks Like ESPN is headed towards laying off more of their talent.