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Cyclones Squish Frogs Hopes of a Perfect Season


TCU v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images


Iowa State’s first drive was way underwhelming, a Lazard drop followed by a sack, 4th Down came in a matter of 1 minute and 27 seconds.

On the ensuing TCU drive, they appeared to look competent before a holding call on Cole Hunt effectively killed said drives momentum, and Adam Nunez would punt for 48 yards.

Starting on our own 15, Kempt and Co. engineered a 9 play 85 yard drive that ended in a 17 yard touchdown pass to Matthew Eaton.

Following the touchdown, TCU had a quick first down, but they would lose yardage thanks to a D’Andre Payne tackle, and they would have to punt it away. Trever Ryen would return the punt 42 yards before finally getting tackled.

Iowa State would march down the field before getting stopped and having to punt it away. The TCU drive would be four plays, good for eight yards.

After back to back possessions by both teams of just punting, Iowa State finally got its second and final touchdown of the day with 3:34 left in the second quarter on a pass to Hakeem “The Dream” Butler.

The second half would start with Turpin returning the Chris Francis kickoff 94 or 95 yards for a touchdown. I was in the pressbox when this play happened and I didn’t realize why touchdown was mentioned until watching the replay. Do they call him Turbo Turpin? I know I would if I was in such a position.

Kempt would get sacked on the next ISU drive and after holding TCU to a three-and-out, there would be an interception on literally our first play from scrimmage.

The Horned Frogs made it to the ISU 7 before Hill threw an interception to Brian Peavy, who returned it for 70 yards.

Unfortunately, our next drive would end in a missed field goal by Owens.

TCU again marched into ISU territory before fumbling it on our 3.

TCU would have a chance to win (or tie) the game with 1:27 left in regulation. Enter Marcel Spears Jr.