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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Cyclones Are a Top 15 Team

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Cyclones in top 15 for the first time in over a decade.

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Best storyline in college football? Uncle Randy Sure thinks so, and I’m inclined to agree with him.

The bigger the games, the narrower the focus. Now that the ‘Clones have 6 wins, each game becomes more important and requires more focus.

Culture change. Matt Campbell and his staff preached it, and now it’s happening.

Team above self. We’ve all heard Campbell say it, and now the nation is hearing it.

WINNING = EATING ALL THE TACOS. Literally. The Ames Taco Bell ran out of almost everything on Saturday.

Big 12 Champs! Both the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams won Big 12 titles on Saturday, and that’s pretty cool.

Volleyball did things too! The Iowa State women’s volleyball team knocked off #11 Kansas in Ames.

Nebrasketball scrimmage. Is it still a secret if we know what happened?

Astros ascend in astonishing fashion. 5 hours later, the Astros took a 3-2 lead in what was probably the craziest World Series game ever.

The playoffs have been juicy from start to finish. Are the baseballs the MLB has been using all season juiced too? One way or the other, we deserve to know.

CFP rankings, explained! What are they, what do they mean, and who puts them together.

This weekend is going to be insane. You won’t be without exciting football this weekend, as there are 7 ranked vs ranked match-ups in college football.

November ‘gon be crazy. Looking at the S&P+ rankings might suggest that we are in for utter November mayhem.

NFL Week 8. To recap: Watson is really, really good, the Browns are not, and I think some guy for the Bears almost died on the field.

ESPN is going to do it again. The mighty continues to fall, as ESPN is rumored to be headed towards more layoffs.

Browns aren’t the only thing that smells in Cleveland. The Cavaliers are bad now, the Clippers are good now, and some other stuff is probably happening too. IDK, I don’t pay close attention until April.