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This Week in GIFs: TCU

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Add another top 5 upset to the Cyclone’s 2017 resume.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State fans were, well, they were ready for Saturday.

Homecoming, Halloween, and a top 25 team had everyone like:

Both Iowa State and TCU went 3 and out on their first drive, which was essentially a microcosm for the entire game.

Early on, it was easy to tell that wind would probably impact the game.

Lazard waiting for that deep ball from Kempt to drop to him looked something like this.

David Montgomery and Allen Lazard would get the Cyclones down to the TCU 17 on the next drive...

... Which was capped off by Kempt finding Matt Eaton in the end zone.

Both teams would then trade like 8 punts.

The Cyclones then capped off an 82 yard drive, aided by a key TCU penalty, with a touchdown throw to Hakeem Butler.

Going into halftime, Cyclone Nation felt pretty darn good...

But then KaVontae Turpin returned the second half opening kick for a touchdown.

Kyle Kempt would then throw a sideline jump ball that was intercepted.

TCU would drive to the Cyclone 7 yard line, but Kenny Hill would gift Brian Peavy an interception!

Unfortunately, much like Peavy’s 70 yard return, the drive ran out of gas and ended with a missed field goal.

The defensive struggle that ensued was eventually broken by a long TCU drive, but the defense would come up HUGE, with Willey Harvey knocking the ball out of Kenny Hill’s hand.

Iowa State’s play calling and TCU’s defense meant that the Cyclone defense was going to have to win the game for the ‘Clones.

The defense did just that, with Marcel Spears Jr. intercepting Kenny Hill to ice the game for the Cyclones.

The crowd stormed on to the field, and Marchie struck up the band...

Your Iowa State Cyclones are 6-2 in October, and control their postseason destiny, what ever it may be.

Dilly. Dilly.