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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 9

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The Iowa State Cyclones are for real!

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

When I started producing these power rankings in September, I suspected at some point during the season, I would find an appropriate time to apply some artistic license. Iowa State, by way of the transitive property perhaps, could lay claim to being the best team in the Big 12. I would put the Cyclones at No. 1 and watch the hilarity ensue. Iowa State’s not actually good! Gold, Kody. Gold!

Never did I envision that the Cyclones would actually earn their top ranking, but here we are on October 31, and Iowa State is tied atop the Big 12 standings. Not only tied for the lead, the Cyclones own the two strongest wins of any of the co-leaders. So I’ll save my creative impulses for another day and give it to you straight. Here are the Big 12 Power Rankings for Week 9.

  1. Iowa State: Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby reportedly was seen at Walmart buying brown paper bags and lighter fluid. After Iowa State spoiled the College Football Playoff hopes of yet another Big 12 team, Jamie Pollard should be answering his door with caution.
  2. Oklahoma: The Sooners’ Lincoln Riley eventually took down Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury in a battle of two coaches that look like they’ve never played football. Oklahoma’s playoff chances will be decided in the next two weeks with a trip to Stillwater before hosting TCU.
  3. TCU: The Kenny Hill we all know and love finally showed up for the Horned Frogs, although this Iowa State fan thinks his poor performance has more to do with a frustrating Iowa State defensive scheme than a missing clutch gene. The bad news for TCU is it gets another stingy, confusing defense next week in Texas.
  4. Oklahoma State: The Cowboys have been a steady presence in the AP top 15 this season despite an underwhelming body of work. Their best win was this past Saturday at West Virginia in a sloppily played game that isn’t likely to impress the Playoff Committee. Now it’s time for Bedlam, and we’ll find out if the Pokes are serious about contending.
  5. Texas: Freshman quarterback Sam Ehlinger was out with “concussion-like symptoms” after four straight weeks of literally running head first into opposing defenses. Shane Buechele took over and the Longhorns cruised past Baylor, 38-7.
  6. West Virginia: The Mountaineers lost a throwback Big 12 game against Oklahoma State – 89 points, 9 turnovers, a blocked punt for a touchdown, and a backup mascot thrust into duty due to DUI.
  7. Texas Tech: It’s getting tiresome bagging on Kingsbury, but what else can we do when the same pathetic story line plays out every year? The Red Raiders lost to Oklahoma, but they should still be able to make a bowl game.
  8. Kansas State: You know what they say. When it comes to the Governor’s Cup, you can always throw out the records. That doesn’t excuse Kansas State, however, from playing a competitive game against Kansas. Note: Nobody says that about the Governor’s Cup, and I was unaware that these teams played for the Governor’s Cup.
  9. Baylor: Oh so close to folding, the Bears took one on the chin from the Big Brother from Austin. Unfortunately, there’s good news for Matt Rhule. Kansas Week is finally here.
  10. Kansas: The Jayhawks deserve credit for not looking forward to their Super Bowl against Baylor in Week 10. But they still lost to their rival, who was playing with their third-string quarterback.