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The Mid-Morning Dump: Playoff Rankings Tonight!

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Iowa State will be apart of the first playoff rankings tonight!


NO QUESO FOR US! The Ames Taco Bell was slightly unprepared for the rush it got after Iowa State beat TCU.

ATOP THE POWER RANKINGS! Iowa State is now the top dog in ESPN’s power rankings.

MARCEL SPEARS DPOW AGAIN! Marcel Spears was once again named Big 12 DPOW.

EVERY COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM RANKED. Iowa State checks in at no. 50.


NFL TRADES! The NFL trade deadline is today and we have two big ones already!

CHIEFS DOWN THE BRONCOS. The Kansas City Chiefs took down the Broncos last night.

ELLIOT DENIED! Zeke has once again been denied by a judge and may have to sit out now.

CAN THE ASTROS CLINCH? Can Houston take home the World Series tonight?