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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tom Manning Wants More Balance

That means getting David Montgomery more involved.


MOAR MONTGOMERY. Tom Manning says he wants to be more balanced than ISU was against Texas. That means getting David Montgomery the ball more often.

MOAR “MULTIPLICITY.” So far this season, the Iowa State defense has played 4-3 the first three games and flashed a 3-3-5 against Texas. That makes them tougher to scheme against.

MIND ON PUERTO RICO. Former ISU women’s basketball player Chelsea Poppens and current volleyball player Genesis Miranda have both been affected by the disaster in Puerto Rico.

FOOD DRIVE. Be sure to donate food and money prior to the Kansas game on October 14.

NO MORE EAST V. WEST. Two captains will pick teams in the new format of the NBA’s All-Star Game.

PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS. Most of SB Nation’s MLB experts have the Indians winning this year’s title.

RIGHT IN THE KISSER! The Yankees beat the Twins last night, but catcher Gary Sanchez’s family jewels took a beating as well.

WE HAVE QUESTIONS. Why does Derek Jeter have TWO iPads in his office? Why does he have a full hand sanitizer dispenser to himself? WE MUST KNOW.

WELL THAT’S CREATIVE. To comply with FIFA regulations, Russian soccer officials added seats OUTSIDE a dome stadium that was deemed too small.

ALEXA BRINGIN’ THE THUNDER. Amazon’s Alexa throws shade at the Thunder for leaving Seattle.

HOT SAUCE TASTE TEST. The guys of Good Mythical Morning do their best to see if they can pick fast food hot sauces while blindfolded.