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The Mid-Morning Dump: OKLAHOMAAAAAA

Brace for impact this weekend Cyclone fans!

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OKLAHOMA BEST ACROSS THE BOARD. Oklahoma beats Iowa State in every category.

OU PREDICTIONS. Things may not be looking so pretty in Norman.

GAMEWATCH!!! We are going to be at Es Tas in Ames tomorrow drinking beers. Come hang with us!

HYPE TAPE! We got another hype tape for you!

PATRIOTS BOUNCE BACK. New England bounced back but their defense is still a concern.

NEWTON APOLOGIZES. Cam Newton issued an apology last night for his remarks towards a woman reporter.

CASH MONEY! Rick Pitino took a lot of cash from Adidas!

BLACKHAWKS NOT DONE! The Blackhawks showed the NHL world they’re not done yet.

MLB POSTSEASON. Astros run past the Red Sox and the Indians took game one from the Yankees.

UPSET WATCH. Here are a few upsets to be on watch for this weekend.