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Press Conference Highlights: October 9

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The Monday after.

Iowa State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images
  • Jacob Park is day to day, and we won’t address it further.
  • Really good performance on Saturday, but we want to sustain that growth. Kansas is a much improved team coming in this Saturday.
  • What you see (Lanning) is a confident player on defense. We’ll package that each week as we go. Matt Campbell jokes that he is Terry Francona when talking to Joel on sideline.

How did defense show continued growth?

The growth really happened during the bye week. How can we come become better defensively? I think in the OU game, OU is the best offense in the country. Our whole thing in that game was how to not give up the big play. Every game plan is different. Our offense matching our defense and our special teams benefitting both. Team wins will help us win more games. Team football has to come into play with long offensive drives with the defense off the field.

One of the things I love about Kyle you saw Saturday, and Kyle was one of the newest guys when we got here. His high school, and himself, are used to elite success. He’s a fantastically intelligent young man. He loves to attack his own process. Dry sense of humor.

Regarding fan support Saturday night by greeting the team

It’s moments like that you have such a great appreciation for ISU. I’m grateful for the fans. “Let’s not have Saturday be the crowning moment of this season”

Regarding the “Kyle Kempt or Jacob Park” on the depth chart

No competition. Where does Zeb fall? Zeb is a great number 2. He’ll continue to get better

Kyle made headway by getting the ball where it needed to be.

On Tom Manning criticism after the Texas game

Manning called a phenomenal game against OU. I take a lot of pride in him.

On injuries to Willie Harvey and Robby Garcia.

Harvey hurt his hamstring and he looks better/probable for Saturday.

Garcia will be okay. He’s an “unsung hero” for coming back and playing through an ankle sprain

You’ve never seen us not play hard or without attitude and effort. Our kids are getting it. Saban says it’s the nature of the beast -- it’s a one day at a time process.

**When gameplanning for Oklahoma, did you go back to your days at Toledo to bring in some of the plays we saw Saturday?**(21:23 timestamp)

I don’t know if there was anything that we hadn’t run since I’ve been here. And most of these plays were plays that we run since I’ve been here and since our Toledo days. We didn’t create anything special. We just went back to how do we put our playmakers in places to have success.

Did you see the lightswitch turn on for this team in regards to learning how to win?

Teams sometimes don’t build off huge victories, what do you have to do as a coaching staff to make it more significant in terms of recruiting. Who are you and where you going? The season is a marathon, not a spring, and adversity will come in so many forms. Just weather the course, we’re measured by the whole. I think our kids understand this. It’s continuing to stay in this process. Great win, we’ll evaluate how good of a win it was at the end of the season. Our we getting better? Where are we really? What is the mentality of this team?

Talking it doesn’t get the job done, but doing it does.

These kids have poured everything into this (From: Lazard to Kempt to Starcevich). The emotional piece for our staff you know these guys have put their time and effort into this.