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Three Things We Learned Against Oklahoma

Iowa State beat Oklahoma in Norman. Incase you forgot.

Iowa State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Well, Saturday was certainly one of those days that no one expected to happen. Iowa State went into Norman without their starting quarterback and one of the starting linebackers and knocked off #3 Oklahoma. It certainly is going to be a game talked about for years to come. This season certainly got more entertaining. Here are three things we learned on Saturday.

Matt Campbell Can Really Coach

We already knew Matt Campbell was good at getting the most out of his guys. The gameplan that was installed and the effort his players gave on Saturday took it to another level. How often does a team go into hostile territory without their starting quarterback and down to a player who has only thrown a total of two passes till Saturday and pull of a monumental upset. It rarely happens.

Saturday was a vintage Matt Campbell game. We have seen his teams do this before. At Toledo, Campbell and his team upset Arkansas on the road. This brought back memories of that exact game. Iowa State sucked the air out of the ball and forced Oklahoma’s offense to sit for a large portion of the second half and Iowa State executed with poise and precision down the stretch. Matt Campbell got his guys to buy into it the plan and they overcame the adversity. With more high profile offenses on the horizon and Jacob Parks return unknown right now, hopefully we can see more of this.

Joel Lanning Should Be Involved On Both Sides The Rest Of The Year

Joel Lanning is one hell of a football player. He took his effort to another extreme on Saturday. Lanning finished the game with 8 tackles, a sack and fumble recovery. He also tallied 25 yards passing and 35 yards rushing. Lanning played a total of 78 snaps on saturday. A two way player is almost never heard of anymore. The national media has now picked up on him more than ever.

Before the season we heard Lanning would be playing on both sides of the ball. Before Saturday we hadn’t seen him take an offensive snap since the Northern Iowa game. Though, they really haven’t needed him until Saturday. If indeed Jacob Park is out for an extended period of time, it would be best to keep him in the fold of the offensive scheme to keep some of the pressure off Kyle Kempt. Lanning brings a type of toughness to the offense that takes it to another level. Not to say Kempt can't handle it all, but the less an inexperienced quarterback has to think, the better.

Players Continue To Be Overlooked Everywhere

Before Kyle Kempt stepped foot on campus at Iowa State, he had never played in a meaningful college football game. Kempt spent time at Oregon State and Hutchinson Community College in Kansas before landing in Ames. Kempt was a well regarded recruit coming out of high school. He had offers from Ole Miss, Cincinnati and Oregon State. Everywhere he seemed to go there was a traffic jam in front of him.

Kempt’s performance on Saturday is going to go down in Iowa State lore and fans will talk about him for decades to come. It remains unknown how much longer Kempt will be starting for Iowa State, but he has shown he is more than capable at handling it in the meantime. It just goes to show that talented players continue to be overlooked everyday.