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The Mid-Morning Dump: WE WANT...Georgia?

Alabama WAS NOT the top-ranked team in the first CFP rankings.

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WE’RE #15! Iowa State came in at 15th overall in the first CFP rankings.

BIG MONTH. Jon Heacock says the month of November is the most important for his defense.

VERSATILE PLAYER. One of the players who will determine the success of the defense in November is Reggie Wilkerson, who’s shown he has a lot of versatility.

COACHES’ TOUGHNESS INSPIRING PLAYERS. That’s the case for ISU football, writes Tommy Birch.

WRESTLING RECAP. Media day was yesterday and Kevin Dresser gave the low-down on what to expect from the Cyclones this season.

ONTO GAME 7. The Dodgers defeated the Astros 3-1 to force Game 7 of the World Series.

GOT IT RIGHT? Let’s take a look at the first CFP rankings and decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Hint: This author thought Auburn being the highest 2-loss team was justified.

TRADE GRADES. Grading every move from the NFL trade deadline.

CAMPBELL 2 GATORS? Probably not, but if you’re betting he WILL make the move, you can get him at +800 odds.

CATCH FAIL. Why even bring your baseball glove to the World Series if you’re going to botch making the catch?

LEACH AIN’T (CANDY) CORNY. All-knowing sage Mike Leach says candy corn is awful.

COSTUME WIN. Paralympic athlete Josh Sundquist won Halloween again by being Tigger.