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Tailgate Preview: Oklahoma State

Our last home game of the year. Sad times.

It has finally arrived, the final home game of the year. It almost brings a tear to my eye. Oklahoma State is coming to town and it’s senior night. It’s going to be a bit chilly, but that shouldn’t stop you from having one last great tailgate for the 2017 football season.

Let’s dive into what tomorrow will look like!

Weather: Cold With Chances of Rain

The weather has been bounced around more than a Jayhawk football coach. As of right now, the weather appears to be colder with chances of rain showers during game time. To be specific, 36 degrees at kickoff and 40% chance of rain. While the weather may not look the greatest, don’t let it steer you away from coming to Ames. After all it is the seniors’ last game at Jack Trice and we owe it to them. Strap on some warm clothes that protect you from moisture, and get your butt to Ames.

Food: Mini Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast food is great. Couple that with a tailgate, and it’s awesome! Since the weather may not be ideal, it may be best to keep things simple tomorrow morning. This is as simple as it gets. All you need are a few basic ingredients, and a few hungry mouths and you are well on your way.

There are many ways you can make these delicious breakfast items. I prefer to go simple with eggs, bacon and salsa. Whatever you decide is up to you. Check out a breakfast taco recipe here.

Drink: Vegas Bombs

I got grilled on twitter last time I chose a shot for a drink. Last time was the infamous Jager Bomb, which happens to be my personal favorite. Many of you told me you prefer a Vegas Bomb. So being a man of the people here we are. Vegas Bomb is making it’s tailgate preview debut and just in time!

Those who are fans of crown royal, you are in for a fun tailgate this week! Then there are those who aren’t sure what a vegas bomb is, well here is a recipe for you. Now like anything else, take these in moderation. You may not make it very long if you slam these bad boys down one after the other.

Game: Slip It In

That’s what she said.

Before your friends arrive, brainstorm a "slip it in" phrase for each person who's coming to the tailgate. This is a phrase that they'll endeavor to "slip in" to casual conversation over the course of the tailgate, without anyone realizing it.

Possible phrases: "I think Mark Magino could eat it" or "I hate the taste of coconut water" or "ANF really is a scam”

If you use your phrase and five minutes go by without anyone noticing, you get to make everyone else drink. If someone calls you out on using your phrase, you have to drink.

Song: Crazy Train