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Three Things We Learned Against Oklahoma State

Heartbreak in Ames taught us a few things.

Oklahoma State v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Iowa State played well enough to win the game on Saturday but instead it ended in heartbreak for the Cyclones. There were a few things I took away from Saturday. So no need to waste any time here.

Joel Lanning May Be The Greatest Cyclone Ever

I say “may” only because you all will have your own opinion. My reasoning is simple, I don’t think I have ever seen a Cyclone football player put more effort into any season on the field than Joel Lanning is right now. Lanning is banged up and still playing with 100% effort out on the field. Not to mention, he is running and throwing touchdowns while maintaining status as one of the top tacklers in the Big 12 Conference. I don’t think Cyclone fans will ever forget what Joel Lanning has done for Iowa State football, and that is why I am labeling him as my greatest Cyclone ever.

Zeb Noland Can Move This Offense

Coming into the season we thought Iowa State was stable at the quarterback position and there would be no questions. Now here we are heading into game 11 on the season and have played four different quarterbacks. Kyle Kempt is banged up and his status is unclear for the game against Baylor this coming Saturday. If Zeb Noland is thrown into the starting role against Baylor, the offense shouldn’t miss a beat. We saw a prime example of that on Saturday.

Noland threw a couple of passes that wowed the Cyclone faithful on Saturday. He also brought back to life an offense that sputtered for most of the second quarter. There were times that we saw his inexperience show but with reps that should fade. I for one am excited to see more of Noland in a Cyclone uniform but if Kyle Kempt is healthy enough. Kempt should be the quarterback.

Iowa State Needs To Stop The Big Plays

For the second week in a row Iowa State did something that has been uncharacteristic all year. Iowa State’s defense has shown the ability to limit the big plays. It is what has helped them get to six wins early on in the year. On Saturday, Iowa State gave up long passes and a touchdown on 3rd and 20. Oklahoma State also managed to score on a two play drive and a three play drive all in the second half. Iowa State ‘s defense will have to get back to limiting these types of scenarios the rest of the season, especially with an offense with a few question marks.