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Press Conference Highlights: November 13

Matt Campbell’s thoughts following the gut-wrenching loss on Saturday.


Kyle’s situation is really day to day right now. Yesterday he ran around, but he didn’t throw. However, he doesn’t need surgery. We’ll know more by Wednesday.

Do you want quarterbacks to be game managers?

“If you can do just that, you’ll have lots of success. Our best QB is a distributor first and foremost. We’re a very quarterback driven offense.”

After Zeb, who do you have left as a quarterback?

“We have Joel. Kyle’s availability is gonna be there. Deshaunte could do that. We have guys. My second to last year at Toledo, we had to play a Wide Receiver at Quarterback against Northern Illinois for the MAC Championship, he played the entire game and threw for 300 yards. You need to be able to adapt and overcome in the sport of football.”

In regards to Trever Ryen’s status

“Didn’t return, as it was precautionary measure that late in the game. He practiced yesterday and he’ll return for Saturday.”

On Baylor’s program under Coach Rhule

“This Baylor team reminds us a lot of how we were a season ago. I’m really impressed with them, as well as their young freshman quarterback. This young freshman has played outstanding football. They have a really good receiving corps. They are a team that, under Coach Rhule, are playing really good ball.”

JaQuan Bailey, what do you think of his growth curve?

“The word I think of when you say his name is “maturity”. His response to highs and lows, the best game of his career would’ve had to have been Saturday. JaQuan has elite ability. You saw flashes of it last year, but zero consistency. A young guy a year ago, now a guy who is maturing in lots of ways.”

How are you trying to avoid a letdown game at Baylor?

“The reality is, it’s just the next football game.”

David Montgomery, on 23% of his runs, have gone through a different gap than what was designed. We saw that Saturday with his 22 yard run. Is his vision that does most of his running?

“Man, that’s a cool stat. Sometimes even I don’t know where the ball is going. His ability to stick his foot in the ground after his first cut to go north and south is maybe the best I’ve ever seen. He’s still maturing, as he was a three year quarterback at high school. After the TCU game he’s up here in the film room ticked because he missed some runs, he wants to be the best. Being quarterback in high school certainly help.

Closing thoughts

“We just have to get better one game at a time. We roll on, we move forward, we have really good leadership in our walls.”