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The Mid-Morning Dump: Ted Cruz Dominated in the Champions Classic

37 points for the former presidential candidate.


THE SUNDAY (?) AFTER. Jay Jordan’s breakdown of Oklahoma State is, as always, a must-read.

JAQUAN IS GOOD. Matt Campbell confirmed that JaQuan Bailey’s performance against the Cowboys was quite possibly the best of his young career.

DAVID IS GOOD. As proven by being named to the Pro Football Focus national team of the week on offense.

READY FOR ANYTHING. Zeb Noland is ready for whatever the rest of the season throws at him.

DANG PURPLE KITTIES. The women’s basketball team fell to UNI last night in the McLeod Center.

NEW RANKINGS! Clemson is...somehow...ranked ahead of Oklahoma in the latest CFP rankings.

GROSS. Kansas won their game against Kentucky last night.

BEST PROSPECTS. The Champions Classic was full of elite talent. Here are the players most suitable for the NBA.

TED CRUZ. Grayson Allen is still the biggest thing in college basketball whether we like it or not.

WEEK 11 PICKS. Is your team predicted to win by SB Nation’s NFL experts?

SPENDING A LOT. Six MLB teams will be over the luxury tax for 2017.

WHERE’S HE GOING? Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors are heating up.