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The Mid-Morning Dump: Football at Fenway

How a clear money grab turned out to be a beautiful affair.

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SHREDDING IT Jake Waters apparently “shreds” as the scout team quarterback/graduate assistant for Iowa State.

WHAT’S LEFT? Following the commitment of safety target V’Lique Carter, what’s left for the 2018 recruiting class?

GOOD TO GO Matt Campbell said both Kyle Kempt and Zeb Noland will be ready to go against Baylor this Saturday.

NEED ‘EM Iowa State will need Hans Brace and Cam Lard to play well to have success in both this weekend’s tournament and the rest of the season.

SWEEP THE SOONERS Iowa State volleyball swept Oklahoma last night to improve to 19-6 on the season.

FOOTBALL AT FENWAY Why a football game at Fenway Park was both silly and beautiful.

TOEWSTER Johnathon Toews wants you to buy a “Toewster” that makes toast with his face on it for charity.

CY YOUNG Max Scherzer was awarded his third Cy Young Award.

THE PROCESS Joel Embiid absolutely obliterated the Lakers last night.