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You have questions? We have opinions.

As we all continue to enjoy the end of the football season, some of you may have noticed something about the men’s basketball team. And that something is that the team is currently playing...let’s call it less than good.

We all anticipated a down year but this is very much below the Box’s expectations. In a previous edition, the Box thought we would be a bubble team who competed somewhere in the middle of the Big 12. But the team who has played four games (including exhibition) is certainly not that. The team who has played four games more closely resembles a self-conscious young teen going through puberty that doesn’t know how to use his awkward body yet.

Yes they are young, have been missing some players, and will get better as the year goes on. There are moments when you see the the young fawn realizing the power they will soon have (and showed glimpses of against Appalachian State), only if it is a single play at a time. The time will come when these young men grow into their what they were always meant to be. If it’s this year, GREAT. If not, let’s not become a shitty fanbase and abandon them. We would look rather bad in that instance. Let’s not be bad.


1.) Jacob Park - Seems like a guy who likes to have a good time. We are there to have fun ya know!

2.) Zeb Noland - Always need a guy who is so competitive he will spit his own blood on the opponent.


3.) Joel Lanning - He will be obviously be very good at this, but hard to top the wildcard attributes of the first two. Sorry Joel.

4.) Kyle Kempt - Will step in and win all the games that we are not supposed to, all very non-chalantly. But that’s why he fell to fourth on our list, the non-chalantness. I need FIRE when it comes to my drinking games. Makes me feel like a REAL ATHLETE!

Who is Joe Montana???

JK Jer, jeesh calm your britches old fella. For those of you who don’t know, our buddy here got all bent out of shape on the SUPER SECRET WRNL GROUP CHAT THAT NONE OF YOU WILL EVER BE INVITED TO about how those lousy millennials don’t respect history and think everything NOW is the BEST. But CMC is an intelligent football man who trusts the process.

But really, was Joe Montana really thattttt good in college??? I’ll hang up and listen.

As previously mentioned, Jer’s balls are old. His crotchety knows no bounds.

This is a tough one. Mr. Waggoner’s kick is always when good things happen and it is a good natured celebration that all those despicable millennials can get behind. Mr. Hogue’s kick, while being effective as an actual kick, it ended up almost getting Monte killed and was against our Riot Bros who we are now cool with.

Whatever, you be the judge.

Okay??? The Box says it’s prefered. I do it EVERY DAY. Honestly, what’s not to like about it? You get some coffee on the house, let it do its BM magic, and then you go make it happen. And do I need to remind you, this is ALL while on the company dime?

Speaking of, there’s an app for that. For realz. Poop Break will tell how much your stool has costed your employer. It becomes a real challenge to waste as much time and money as possible on your waste. Beating your high score has never been so much fun!

Another four person list! I’m good at this!

1.) David Montgomery - Duh.

2.) Allen Lazard - Double Duh.

3.) Joel Lanning -Double Double Duh.

4.) Ray Lima - Semi Surprise Duh.

Your mother.

Lol jk the Box is an expert on bovines. There are two cattle breeds that are clearly superior to the rest of the loser cattle. I present you...


The Master of the Beef.



There are no better beefs than these beefs. Any other opinion is incorrect.

Honestly, the Box is not all that upset about the some of the calls. Was at least one of the PI calls on the two point conversion blasphemy? Yes. Was there a facemask that should have made it 1st and Goal? Yes. Was there PI on Allen Lazard? Yes. Was that last play an interception? Maybe. Did we run the ball on 1st or 2nd down from the 3 with our non-human running back? No. And that’s the most important question for the Box. We know the refs are gonna try to murder our entire family, so why not just take that option away from those irresponsible morons?

I’m totally not bitter.

I....I just can’t. Did you see how many I just named in about half a quarter??? I’d have to commit seppuku if I had to relive all the dishonor Big 12 Refs have brought to #cyclONEnation.

That one where she complains about how some guy mistreated her and she is wayyyy better than that and totalllllly moved on. You know the one, right?

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“Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligence.”

-Edgar Allan Poe