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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 11

The Big 12 pecking order stays pat.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11 didn’t bring us anything new in the Big 12. With the meat of the schedule in the rearview, the Big 12 pecking order seems to be settling into a familiar place. Oklahoma is first, Kansas is last, and everyone else is left jostling for trips to warmer bowl destinations. Week 11 was so chalky that our power rankings from last week to this week have not changed. But here they are anyway.

  1. Oklahoma: The Sooners non-conference win at Ohio State has forced the CFP committee to put them in the top four. But how does a dominant win against the No. 6 team only push the Sooners up one spot? My tinfoil hat isn’t on yet, but it’s getting closer to my head.
  2. TCU: The CFP committee paid TCU lip service by putting them at No. 6 in last week’s rankings. After TCU lost 38-20 at Oklahoma, the commitee promptly let TCU know their role, dropping them to No. 12. Who knew that in the committee’s eyes, Iowa State’s ranking was the key to the Big 12’s legitimacy?
  3. Oklahoma State: Marchie Murdock had possession.
  4. West Virginia: Another Big 12 team getting no respect from the committee, the Mountaineers are 7-3 with losses to Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, and TCU. But how can you argue with Northwestern’s epic resume?
  5. Iowa State: I repeat: Marchie Murdock had possession.
  6. Texas: Bowl eligibility is on the line for the Longhorns the next two weeks, but with a trip to Morgantown in Week 12, it may have to wait until next week.
  7. Kansas State: Farmageddon is starting to align. It’s likely that Iowa State will have an opportunity to keep Bill Snyder from a bowl game next week.
  8. Texas Tech: The wheels are off in Lubbock, and Kliff Kingsbury’s departure seems like a mere formality at this point.
  9. Baylor: As a Cyclone fan, Waco scares the hell out of me this weekend.
  10. Kansas: Basketball has finally arrived!