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Get to Know: Jeff Prohm

Who is this man? I put on my detective monocle and went to work. This is what I found.

Iowa State v Virginia
Here we see Jeff contemplating a switch from PBR to Rolling Rock
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

During Iowa State’s 104-98 victory over Appalachian State on Thursday, ESPNU play-by-play announcer Alvaro Martin often referenced a mysterious man by the name of Jeff Prohm. Who was this man? Is he related to Steve Prohm? Maybe.

After further investigation, I was able to come up with a bio of sorts for this mystery man...

Jeff Prohm

Height: same as Steve Prohm

Weight: same as Steve Prohm

All Physical Attributes: same as Steve Prohm

Notable Fun Facts:

  • Best known for his tendencies to smoke cigarettes during practice and challenge his own players to bare knuckle brawls when they refuse to listen
  • Has also been known to keep a 6 pack of PBR under his seat during home games
  • Speaks with a Canadian accent
  • His favorite band is Elvis Costello & The Imposters
  • His favorite movie is Mad Max: Fury Road because it “Reminds me of life in the Big 12”
  • Only calls timeouts after missed baskets
  • His favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys
  • Frequently bets on Greyhound racing
  • Has several timeshares all throughout the southern United States
  • Still uses MySpace
  • Cuts his own hair
  • Hangs out with Bob Huggins during the off-season. Legend has it they venture deep into the Rocky Mountain foothills to find the secret to beating Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse (for the record, Jeff went without Bob this past year)
  • His favorite player to coach is Steve Beverly

The legend of Jeff Prohm continues to grow as word of his coaching success spreads (everywhere except Milwaukee). Tune in the rest of the year as all of us witness the Jeff Prohm coaching experience.