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The Mid-Morning Dump: Perfect Weekend

Cyclonenation had one hell of a weekend to cheer for.

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RECORD SETTING SATURDAY. A game was won while records were being broken.

SO YOU’RE SAYING THERE’S A CHANCE! Here is how Iowa State can reach the Big 12 title game.

PUERTO RICO CHAMPS! Iowa State basketball went 3-0 over the weekend to win the Puerto Rico Tip Off.

DILLY DILLY! Georges Niang was in Des Moines to take on the Iowa Wolves.

CHIEFS COLLAPSING? What is wrong with the Chiefs? Here is how they and the rest of the NFL graded out.

NO WAY! Jerry Jones says his battle with the NFL is not affecting the teams play.

TAKE YOUR PICK. Chip Kelly may have his pick between UCLA or FLorida.

TOP NBA PROSPECTS. Here are 60 of the best prospects looking to dive into the NBA.

THANKSGIVING WEEK! Comment with your favorite dishes and traditions below.