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This Week in GIFs: Baylor

The Cyclones took care of business on the road against the Bears

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Baylor Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

After a stunning home loss at the hands of the Cowboys, we were all looking forward to playing everyone’s favorite Big 12 team.

The game had drama before it even started, as an accident delayed the team bus on the drive through the rather scenic area surrounding Waco.

To make matter’s worse, the Bears jumped out to a 7 nothing lead on the not-yet warmed up Cyclones.

After trading punts, the Cyclones would respond, as Allen Lazard scored a touchdown on a jump ball thrown by Zeb Noland, making him the all-time leader in receiving yards in ISU history.

Baylor capped off a long, 19 play drive with a field goal, but Cyclones would march down and answer with 3 of their own. More punting ensued.

With nearly 2 minutes left in the half, Zeb Noland would start and end a 1 play drive by heaving a 60 yard bomb to Hakeem Butler, who made an insane catch.

Butler, who was not about to let Baylor defenders keep him out of the end zone, made the score 17-10 going into halftime.

The refs decided to gift Baylor 3 points after halftime, as they called back-to-back pass interference penalties on the Cyclones.

But David Montgomery would almost single-handedly get Iowa State back into field goal range, and Garret Owens nailed a 22 yard field goal.

Iowa State’s defense would bend, but Brian Peavy absolutely robbing John Lovett shy of the goal line kept them from breaking.

More beastly runs from Montgomery lead to another field goal to make it 23-10. The defense would flex its muscles yet again, as Baylor’s last-chance drive ended with a Reggie Wilkerson interception.

All was fine and good, until David Montgomery got injured trying to run down the clock.

In all, the Cyclones won, and David is fine, and we have 7 wins now, and life is really pretty grand.

Unless you’re Baylor, who kissed this season goodbye long ago.

At least their program is headed in the direction it deserves.