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Mid Morning Dump: Montgomery Health Update

Deep breaths. Everything is fine.

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ON THIS DATE. . . In 2015, Iowa State lost Kansas State in football, paving the way for Matt Campbell and staff to come from Toledo to Ames.

THERE’S NO HARM DONE. The Twister Sisters beat the UMKC Kangaroos yesterday 61-45, thanks in part to two double doubles by Cyclone players.

THE TALL MAN. Allen Lazard was invited to the Reese's Senior Bowl yesterday.

AN INJURY TO ONE IS THE CONCERN OF ALL. David Montgomery provides an update on his status.

ENTERING THE CITY. After leaving Myrtle Beach with a tournament MVP, Nick Weiler-Babb came back to Ames to be named Big 12 Player of the Week.

FREE THE MIND. Both Men’s and Women’s Cyclone Cross Country teams did very well at the NCAA Championships on Saturday.

COLLAPSING INWARDS. The Falcons beat the Seahawks last night, 34-31.

A SPACETIME SINGULARITY. Raby HS’ (Chicago) football squad had the best roll ever on a punt.

THE VOICE BOX. LaVar Ball made an appearance on CNN.

SOCCER GAME. Luke Westcott is making national team shirts for some African nations.

END THEME. Chance the Rapper took part in a hockey themed SNL skit, it’s very well done.