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The Mid-Morning Dump: Thanksgiving Eve

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving...


WEEKDAY WALKTHROUGH. Matt Campbell answers questions submitted by fans in this segment from ESPN.

HEACOCK = BROYLES? Iowa State’s defensive coordinator is up for a prestigious award.

CRONEY OVERCOMING. It’s been a winding road for the ISU tailback, but he’s now on the verge of breaking through.

NO CLONES. The latest CFP rankings didn’t include Iowa State.

THE YOUTHS! Bill Fennelly’s team is getting help from a great batch of freshmen.

WEEK OF GIVING. Great to see some football players giving back to their community.

RIVALRY WEEK. Iowa State makes an appearance in this article about how the past has shaped the rivalry week we know today.

BUCKY. Wisconsin is 11-0 and, despite their schedule, are quietly a college football powerhouse.

WEEK 12 PICKS. The SB Nation NFL squad have picked their winners for week 12, including tomorrow’s turkey day games.

C’S SO HOT. Kyrie Irving’s crunch time Godzilla act explains the Celtics’ 16-game winning streak.

BAD LUCK NUGGS. Paul Millsap has to have surgery, and all of a sudden, Monte Morris’ Nuggets will have to struggle to stay afloat in the NBA’s Western Conference.

LOST PROSPECTS. The Atlanta Braves were punished by MLB for breaking international free agency rules.

DERRIERE JORDAN. The jumpman on these bootleg Jordans has a big ol’ juicy butt.

MORE FROM LAVAR. In his latest Lavar-esque statement, Lavar Ball claims the Lakers don’t know how to coach Lonzo.

#ALIENS. Okay, maybe not, but this is still cool.