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The Mid-Morning Dump: Food Coma Edition

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Our pants don’t fit today.


BRIAN PEAVY ARRESTED. Star defensive back Brian Peavy was arrested yesterday for graffiti at the skate park.

MOVE THE ROCK. Iowa State players are getting behind an inspirational shovel.


FOOD COMA RECOVERY. If you need help getting out of you food coma, here is your help.

THANKSGIVING SHOPPING. Shopping on Thanksgiving is becoming more important to people.

LONDON BLACK FRIDAY IS LIT! Things are crazy on Black Friday in London.

MEANWHILE HERE IN THE STATES. A much calmer scene.

THANKSGIVING FOOTBALL. Here is what you missed in yesterday's NFL action.

BIRTH ON FACETIME. Vikings DE watched his son born on Facetime before the game against Detroit.

BROKEN ANKLE! Look away if your stomach can’t take it!