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This Week in GIFs: Kansas State

In the two languages I know, there is no way to accurately describe my frustration at the end of this game.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

#CyclONEnation were in entirety, very excited to potentially knock off the Wizard in his potential last ever game as head coach.

Iowa State has a 7 minute scoring drive, but incurs three penalties (25 yards) and loses David Montgomery for the rest of the day.

Kansas State has a quick 3 and out and Iowa State is driving down the field...

...only to stall thanks to a Jake Campos holding penalty (4th penalty of the quarter), which led to a Downing punt and a big return by Dominque Heath.

Garrett Owens hits a 22 yard field goal to limit the lead 1 at half.

Joel Lanning runs the ball for 9 yards on a 3rd & 2 which extended the eventual touchdown drive.

Kansas State has a 24 yard completion on 4th and 14.

Iowa State looks to be in the driver’s seat, up 19-14 with under 6 minutes to play when. . .

The penalty for defensive pass interference gets picked up at 2:01 left in the game.

The Wildcats promptly march down the field and get aided by ref inefficiency to set the ball quickly.

Isaiah Zuber catches a touchdown pass with 0:00 left and Kansas State wins.