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The Mid-Morning Dump: Riot Bowl

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Bring on the Mountaineers!


THE PICKS ARE IN! Cyclonefanatic makes their predictions on the game!

ANOTHER CHALLENGE. Iowa State’s defense is set to face another challenge.

CINEMATIC ADVENTURE! Enjoy a cinematic version of last weekend’s win.


DONOVAN JACKSON’S TEAM. Make no mistake, this Iowa State team is Donovan Jackson’s.

DON’T COUNT OUT THE JETS! After beating the BIlls, the Jets are still hanging around!

INCOGNITO NO MORE! Richie hates Thursday night football.

ZEKE CAN PLAY! Zeke Elliot can play on Sunday now after receiving a temporary stay, again.

TEXANS DONE? Is Houston in trouble after Deshaun Watson tore his ACL?

FAN CURSED WATSON. A Texan fan cursed Deshaun Watson in favor for the World Series. Now has deactivated his account after death threats.