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WRNL Interrogates: The Smoking Musket

Our SB Nation Riot Comrades answered a couple questions for us.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Iowa State Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

1. What's the secret sauce behind the explosive Mountaineer offense?

For most of the season, it's been the running game setting up down field plays for Will Grier. Unfortunately, we've hit a slight snag in that in the past three weeks we've been unable to run the ball.

It's been a combination of a slightly banged up line and Justin Crawford not being as decisive of a runner as we're used to seeing. It's a problem, and one that needs to be solved if we're going to have a successful closing stretch to this season.

2. Who should Cyclone fans keep an eye on outside of Grier and Sills in the West Virginia offense?

Despite those comments, we're still going to run, and it's Justin Crawford and Kennedy McKoy leading the charge.

Ka'Raun White is a big play threat outside Sills, and Gary Jennings has slid nicely into the role of a go to guy on third down, something I was worried about with Dakiel Shorts graduating.

3. The WVU defense has struggled this year, allowing over 200 rush yards and 450 total yards per game. Is this more a product of the Big 12's high powered offenses, or an overarching problem that Holgerson and staff haven't yet solved?

We have a very inexperienced defensive front, and it's shown. There's talent there, and true freshman Lamonte MacDougle has been a revelation at nose, but youth is youth.

It was zeroed in on as one of the main issues this team would struggle at times and why next year is probably "the year" for this team.

4. What worries you most about this Cyclone offense?

That you're definitely gonna ugly up the game and play ball control football and limit our possessions. West Virginia has struggles capitalizing on limited chances this year and we'll need to play efficient football to win.

5. Iowa State's defense has done a really good job of preventing the deep play and staying disciplined on screens, reverses, and play action. Kenny Hill, Nic Shimonek, and Baker Mayfield (to an extent) all struggled when they were forced to sit in the pocket, go through all of their reads, and deliver really accurate passes into tight windows. Does Will Grier have the patience and accuracy to be successful when the Cyclone defense forces him to "dink and dunk?"

A bit of both, honestly. He's a patient passer, but does get happy feet in the pocket and likes to move. His risk taking is one of the biggest negatives in his game right now, despite the fact that he's hit on those plays a lot more than he's missed.

Having three very good receivers helps a lot with that, but developing a stronger pocket presence is definitely the biggest reason Grier should stay in Morgantown for another year.

6. Prediction Time. Who's bringing home the Gas Can of Destiny?

This is a tough one, but I think West Virginia #DefendsTheCan at home. Iowa State does limit our chances, but I think we make the most of what we get and win 28-21.

7. Do you believe that Obi-Wan Kenobi was was actually a clone name OB-1 who fought alongside OB-2 and OB-3 in the Clone Wars, thus explaining Ben inexplicably forgetting R2-D2 in A New Hope?

Ben was just old and dumb.