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The Mid-Morning Dump: Still Ranked!

Iowa State is still ranked in the polls.

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24TH IN THE COUNTRY. Iowa State is ranked for the third consecutive week.

SUNDAY AFTER. Jay Jordan breaks down what went down in Morgantown on Saturday.

WHERE DOES THE OFFENSE GO? Where does Iowa State’s offense go from here?

BASKETBALL IS BACK! and Steve Prohm wasn’t too thrilled with the lack of detail.

NFL FIGHT! AJ Green and Jalen Ramsey fought each other yesterday.

BEST TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATION? Is this the best touchdown celebration?

NFL PLAYOFF PICTURE. Playoffs are starting to become clearer after week 9.

COLLUSION!! Roger Goodell will have to turn over emails in Kaepernick collusion case.

HARDEN DROPS 56. James Harden drops a career high to stop the Jazz.