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Jacob Park To Transfer From Iowa State

The quarterback took a leave from the team and now will leave Ames.

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NCAA Football: Iowa State at Akron David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

Jacob Park took a personal leave from the team after the Texas game, and now he tells the Des Moines Register he will transfer from Iowa State.

It was unknown why Park left the team in the first place, but it certainly raises a lot of questions from the fans. It is now more clear on why he took a leave from the team. Park spoke for the first time to Tommy Birch of the Des Moines Register;

“The leave stems from problems off the field. He said the challenge of balancing school, football, fatherhood and living with the mother of his child became overwhelming. Park also said he failed a drug test because of marijuana usage and was facing a one-game suspension that was supposed to have been served against Oklahoma on Oct. 7.” Birch wrote.

Park has one class left at Iowa State and he plans to complete his course work before moving on to another program. Park began his career at Georgia before coming to Iowa State.

Iowa State will finish off the year with Kyle Kempt before Zeb Noland appears to be the starter for next year.