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WRNL Podcast: Basketball and Football Talk With Dylan Montz

Is Iowa State headed to another NCAA tournament?

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We brought Dylan Montz from the Ames Tribune on to discuss Iowa State football and basketball.

It was an incredible move by Steve Prohm to shift Nick Weiler-Babb to the role of point guard, but why did it take two games?

Lindell Wigginton and Cameron Lard have been as advertised. How would you assess Steve Prohm’s use of Cameron Lard?

Lately Iowa State has only dressed eight players. How long until Jakolby Long and Zoran Talley are back in action? Steve Prohm is known for his short rotations. Can these two injured players crack their way back into a rotation that is playing extremely well?

After an 0-2 start you would have been laughed at for suggesting Iowa State would make the NCAA tournament. Now that doesn’t look like such a bold statement. Dylan says Iowa State fans can be “cautiously optimistic” about the Cyclones’ chances of making it to the big dance.

When Iowa State found out they would be playing in Memphis against....Memphis, was there a let down in the locker room?

Some claim that a bowl victory is important for maintaining momentum into the next season. How important is a victory in the bowl game?

Finally, can Iowa State exploit a poor Memphis defense? How will Iowa State match-up against Memphis’ elite offense?

All of these questioned answered and more on the latest edition of the WRNL podcast!

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