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The Mid-Morning Dump: Ranked Edition!

Cyclone volleyball finished another successful season.

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ON THIS DATE. . . In 1987, Lafester Rhodes dropped 54 on Iowa in a 102-100 win in overtime.

ALSO ON THIS DATE. . . In 1921, Iowa State beat Cornell(IA) 29-5 in basketball. All five Cornell baskets were free throws, and at the end of the first period, the Cyclones were up 5-3.

GREAT (NORTH) SCOTT! Defensive End Zach Petersen committed to Iowa State Monday night. Thanks in part to our ag. program, I might add.

MBB UPDATE. The Daily’s preview of Iowa State’s last game before winter break.

FLIPPED OFF. One of our commits flipped on us, c’est la vie.

#25! Our volleyball team finished ranked in the final AVCA poll for the first time since 2012! In case you were wondering, ISU finished ranked every year from 2007-2012 with a peak ranking of #6 in 2009.

FOR SALE. The Carolina Panthers went up for sale yesterday.

ANGERY RYAN. Matt Ryan sounded off on MNF last night.

RUSSIA HOCKEY JERSEY? I really hope this is what they’re going to wear in South Korea next spring.

40 YEARS AGO. A plane crash that shook college basketball, similar to what happened to both Marshall and Wichita State.