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The Mid-Morning Dump: Early Signing Period

Cyclone squad up!


SIGNING DAY CENTRAL. is prepared for this year’s early Christmas gift of new Iowa State recruits.

LIVE BLOG. CF has a post that updates as recruits fax their letters in for National Signing Day if you’d like to follow along in real time.

TOUGHEST GAME TO PLAY. Tonight’s basketball game might seem like an easy one, but Steve Prohm insists the game before Christmas is always one of the toughest on the schedule.

RING ‘EM UP! Last night was an eventful one on the recruiting trail as Iowa State picked up class of 2018 recruit Joey Ramos and class of 2019 recruit Maurice Massey.

FIXING THE NFL. How to fix the NFL’s three worst rules.

JUST...LOL. Marlins Man showed up to the Marlins town hall last night and had some...interesting...things to say to Derek Jeter.

MUST BE NICE. Someday I hope Iowa State football is like Clemson and signs two of the top three players in the nation.

KANSAS COMIN’. The Jayhawks could be getting exactly what they need with Billy Preston and Silvio de Sousa.

EARLY ALL-STARS. Taking a peek at who’s likely to represent at the NBA All-Star game.

NOT LAST! Ranking each state by percentage of 2018 blue chip football recruits. Iowa had one!

SNUBBED. Here are the players that probably should have been included in the Pro Bowl.

JUMANJI HONEST TRAILER. Because of the release of the new movie and all...