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Signing Day Recap: Wide Receivers

Sean Shaw Jr and Carson Schleker are the current signees for wide receivers.

Currently for the 2018 class Iowa State has two wide receiver commits. That could change come February but for the time being, Carson Schleker and Sean Shaw Jr have signed their LOI and will be a Cyclone next season.

Sean Shaw Jr. - Oklahoma

Iowa State already had size at wide reciever this season. With Allen Lazard graduating this year the Cyclones just replenished that size. Sean Shaw Jr. is a 6ft 6inch tall wide receiver that had offers from Kansas, SMU, Wyoming and was beginning to draw major interest from Oklahoma.

With Iowa State utilizing size at the receiver position so well, it only made sense to go after Shaw for this recruiting cycle. Shaw certainly will have his opportunity to make an impact next season with some spots opening on the depth chart. He certainly has the physical tools to make that a reality.

ISU Player Comparison

The obvious comparison here is Hakeem Butler. At 6’6” 200 lbs, he’s got similar size to Butler, and will probably initially be used in the seams a sort of pseudo-tight end, similar to Butler this season. Allen Lazard is another comparison, but Shaw has a little more top end speed, while Allen was more physical coming out of high school.

Carson Schleker - Texas

Speed and athleticism are all good characteristics in a wide receiver, Carson Shleker has just that. Shleker committed to Iowa State back in June, he also had offers from Arizona, Illinois, Louisville, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

The 5-foot-9 receiver has the ability to play both special teams and offense and that is what made him so appealing to the coaching staff. His route running is very efficient, and coupling that with speed it will go a long ways in stretching the field in the coming years in Ames. By watching his film you can see what his explosive speed can do to a defense.

ISU Player Comparison

When you watch his tape, his speed should bring up comparisons to Jarvis West, a speedy and shifty slot receiver from the Rhoads days. However, he also appears to be a plus route runner, with most of his highlights at Allen featuring him as an “X” receiver running lots of deep routes. He’ll certainly project as slot receiver at Iowa State, but with the potential to run wheel routes and deep seams, similar to Trever Ryen. That said, Carson will probably end up looking like something between Ryen and shifty former ISU wide receiver Jarvis West.

Look for Iowa State to be in the mix for one more wide receiver before the February deadline approaches.