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Player to Watch: David Montgomery

I’m watching our cyborg running back this weekend in Memphis

Oklahoma State v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Last time out, I picked Collin Downing to be the key player against a Kansas State special teams that is always dangerous. Well, Kansas State only had one decent punt return, so I consider his performance to be acceptable. In the end, this game was a bunch of garbage anyways.

David Montgomery

By now, we’re all well aware of Mr. Montgomery and exactly what he is and what he can do. He’s repeatedly gashed every single opponent on the schedule, even while running behind an offensive line that hasn’t given him much of any consistent blocking up front. Every game, he seems to put together a new highlight with moves and broken tackles that most of didn’t think the human body was capable of doing.

Memphis boasts an awful defense that hasn’t stopped anybody all year, and is 100% reliant on turnovers for any success they do have. Their defensive lineman top out around 280 pounds, so the offensive line should get some decent push up front. If David Montgomery has a chance to get in space and not have to break tackles to get to the second level of the defense, he is going to absolutely obliterate the Memphis defense.

You’ve all seen these a thousand times, but there’s no such thing as watching too many David Montgomery highlights.

Also, watch him murder an Oklahoma defender with a juke step from 5 yards away.