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The Mid-Morning Dump: Liberty Bowl and Grey Basketball Uniforms?

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Are there some grey basketball uniforms for tonight?


LIBERTY BOWL BOUND. Iowa State is headed back to the Liberty Bowl and will face Memphis.

CYFAN BOWL TRIP. Need a way to get down to Memphis? Cyclone Fanatic has you covered.

NORVELL TO ARKANSAS? Will Memphis be without their head coach at the Liberty Bowl?

DE FACTO HOME GAME. Iowa State will be ready for the home atmosphere Memphis will present for the Tigers.

GREY UNIFORMS! It appears Iowa State will be sporting some grey uniforms tonight.

SUNDAY TAKEAWAYS. Here are Sunday’s takeaways from the NFL.

CFP IS SET. Two SEC teams are in the College Football Playoff.

BOWL MANIA! Here is how every single bowl game will end up.

CHRISTMAS VACATION. Christmas time, no better way to celebrate than Christmas Vacation.